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Server Rules
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Appropriate Content: Mature content, drugs, politics, sexual references or nature, mentions of death or suicide, conversation about any kind of illegal or questionable activity, and anything else that would otherwise not be appropriate in a PG environment is not allowed.

Capslock Usage: The unnecessary or excessive use of capslock is not allowed.

Spamming: Sending the same message repeatedly, character spam, /afk command spam, faction bounty spam, and death spamming (dying over and over again to send a chat message) is not allowed. These rules apply to /msg as well.

Swearing: The use of swears is not punishable as long as those words are not used against another player. Any other inappropriate language is not allowed.

Hatred or Discrimination: Any reference to hateful or discriminatory movements, ideas, symbols, stereotypes, groups, or figures is not tolerated whatsoever. The use of any hateful or discriminatory phrases and slurs is also strictly prohibited. The use of the term "gay" in a negative context is deemed homophobia on our server.

Harassment: Targeting a player using verbal insults or name-calling repeatedly is harassment. Threatening other players in any way is harassment. Refusal to leave a plot or island is also harassment if the owner of the plot or island has asked you to leave. Fighting or spawn killing someone on non-PvP servers after the player has asked you to stop is harassment. Giving a suggestion to the staff or another player, then continuing to bring it up and ask for it after rejection is harassment.

Advertising: Advertising another server IP or name will result in a ban. Advertising non affiliated links is not allowed. You are only allowed to advertise your YouTube, twitch, etc. if you are streaming on our server when you paste the link. Otherwise, this is not allowed.

This refers to inappropriate builds or spelled out swear words using blocks. Killing or stealing a player’s pet or animals is griefing. Placing excessive amounts of water or lava around a plot or in the wild is griefing. Death traps/TP traps are considered griefing. Lag machines are considered griefing. Portal traps are also griefing. Obstructing entrance to or the use of The End in any SMP or Roleplay server is griefing. Restricting a player from retrieving their items after death in ANY way is considered griefing. Griefing or taking items without asking while trusted on a plot is also not allowed. This includes destroying someones build or plot in any way. Claiming around other peoples claims, with any type of malicious intent, is not allowed. Bypassing spawn protection in any way is griefing. TP trapping for bounties is not allowed, and will be treated as griefing. There is also no PVPing in claims, or harassment on claims for bounties, this includes spawn camping. Unclaimed land that is not protected is considered free game. Protect your stuff!

Threats: Threats towards any player or staff member on the server will not be tolerated. This goes for any threats to slow, crash, or attack the server. And threats of DDoSing another player, staff member, or server will result in a permanent ban. Threatening to harm another player or staff member will result in a permanent ban.

Impersonation: Impersonating staff is not allowed. This means saying you are a staff member, or changing your name to the name of a staff member claiming you are them. Claiming to have the abilities that are those of a staff member is not allowed. Claiming to be with Mojang or Planet Minecraft is impersonation. If you are impersonating, and the player being impersonated asks you to stop, you must.

Staff Disrespect: Being disrespectful towards any member of our staff team is not allowed. If you have an issue with a staff member or don't believe our team is doing their jobs up to par, please submit a ticket.

XRAY: XRAY is not allowed no matter the method used.

Third Party Alts: The use of third party websites to obtain alts is not allowed. Any account(s) you use from these websites will result in a ban. This goes for free or paid alts from these websites. The only Minecraft accounts allowed are those obtained directly from Mojang.

Hacking: Hacking or the use of illegitimate/hacked clients of any form is not allowed.

Autoclickers: Autoclickers or macros of any sort are not allowed on our server.

Exploiting/Glitching: Using a server glitch to your advantage is exploiting. Duplicator machines or methods fall under this category. This pertains to glitching into bases as well.

Alt Limit: Having more than 5 accounts on the same IP that have joined the server will result in a ban. Having more than 3 accounts online at a time on the server also will result in a ban. This rule applies to the entire server, but should be noted anyone with more than 10 accounts from the same IP will be banned without warning.

Hacked Items: Possession of any items that induce speed boosts, "Admin" books, highly enchanted items (above level 5), crash items, overpowered potions, or any hacked item that is not accessible through legitimate playing means are not allowed. Staff do NOT give these items out.

Evasion: Evading bans or mutes is not allowed. Accessing the server on another account after being banned is evasion. This idea applies to mutes as well.

Raiding: Participating in any event in the attempt to crash the server or slow its performance will result in a permanent ban from the server.

Rioting: Participating in an event or movement in a deliberate attempt to "riot" or cause chaos, panic, or confusion is not allowed.

Cheating: Using any method to get an unfair advantage over others is cheating. This includes using schematica printer, hacked clients, duplicators, exploitation, 5zig, Labymod, or any other unfair playing methods or unfair game modifiers. Optifine is the only mod allowed. AFK grinding, mining, or fishing of any form is considered cheating and is not allowed howsoever accomplished.

Scamming: Scamming players of IRL money or accounts is not allowed. If you are scammed in an ingame item trade we will not issue a punishment. Advertising trades involving purchases using IRL currency are not allowed on our network. (ex: "I will give you 3 stacks of diamonds if you buy me redstone status").

Denial of Service (DDos): Do not mention DDoS or threatening the server or another player with a DDoS attack. General DDoS discussion is not allowed. Releasing a player's personal information, or your own information, will result in a ban on our server.

Inappropriate Skins: Skins that include genitalia or swear words are not allowed. Skins must be in compliance with our Server Rules.

Inappropriate Usernames: Any usernames or nicknames that are hateful or contain swear words are not allowed. Usernames that have sexual references aren’t allowed either. You will receive a warning kick. Re-joining the server after your warning kick will result in an instant ban.

Rules Subject to change at any time. Staff members have the final say in all issues and may make a best determination in issues that are not covered in the rules.

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