Redstone Handbook

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Nov 25, 2018
This thread is intended to highlight the features redstone users have access to.

this is achieved by setting a name for your furnace from it's interface, then you can use /ef remote <FurnaceName>

As a redstone player you can disguise as any non-boss mob.
Disguise: /d <mobname>
Un-disguise: /ud

Redstone players keep their XP when they die!

/fly to toggle creative flight on or off

you may keep a balance up to -2000

This command brings you back to the previous location you teleported to. It will not necessarily bring you to your last death spot.

  • Disposal Signs (make a sign with the top line saying [disposal] and it will become an instant garbage chest)
  • /enderchest (access your enderchest from anywhere)
  • /ext (stop, drop, and roll)
  • /feed (who need's food anyways?)
  • /hat (put whatever is in your hand on your head)
  • /j (teleport to where you are pointing)
  • /nick (set a nickname for yourself)
  • /pweather (set the weather on your local client)
  • /ptime (set the time on your local client)
  • Multiple /sethome locations (use /sethome 1 then /home 1 to go to that home)
  • create colorful and formatted signs (use & instead of § See This Link For Details)
  • /workbench to open a portable crafting table

We are always adding new features and looking for ways to make the redstone experience more entertaining without taking much away from non paying players. Having this redstone group just allows us a way to show some thanks to the players who donate to keep the server running.
Not open for further replies.